Shamanic Prayer

Praises and victory to the sacred shaft of light from the heavens.

Welcome great power of the universe, sublimely sacred, creative source of all worlds. Meet yourself in my heart.
See yourself in my life.

Please, royal hummingbird bring the blossoming of the heart to humankind.

From star to earth we fall and return.
In boa and anaconda, we tread.

In whale and dolphin, we swim.
In eagle and condor, we fly.

In puma and jaguar, we vision.
In yama and alpaca, we birth.

In mother earth, we heal.
In soul, we live.

With life, with love, and with light we come here.

We are people of the light and children of the earth.

Praise and victory to this sacred ceremonial hoop of universal shamans, practitioners, and initiates.

Р From Peruvian Curandero, don Oscar Miro-Quesada
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