Gratitude in the New Year

My heart overflows with emotion this morning. It is almost indescribable what I have been given; I cannot even comprehend the beauty and love that I am feeling today. My hands naturally fold into prayer, my eyes brimming with tears flowing freely, just pure gratitude.

The love that is our source, our heritage, that fuels the whole world, is limitless and powerful. It comes from the Origin, the Creator. We are made to be beacons of love, to transmute it into the world. It is the language that we speak, the fuel for our existence. We could not be alive without its power.

There is so much light in the world, so much beauty. Watching the animals every day in their natural environment has helped me to see this, whereas it is so common to look at the negative. Sometimes we even feel more comfortable there, perhaps because deep inside we don’t believe we deserve the love that is our birthright. We spend so much time not feeling worthy, or not feeling that others are worthy.

But the truth is WE ARE ALL WORTHY.

We were created that way; all of us. We simply have not awakened to the fact that we are built for love, by love and to express appreciation for all beings.

Light in the Jungle
                   Morning in Kelabang Moding, Bali

I vow to continue to spend as much time as possible in the natural environment, to be quiet and remember who I am, and who I was made to be.

I will take care of myself and other beings around me with love the emanates from the Source. It is a limitless love that will never run out.

I am not becoming anyone new in this New Year. Only now I am just learning how to allow the veils that have shielded me from my higher self fall away to reveal the wondrous human spirit within me.

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