Cleaning Up

Every morning, as the sun is coming up here in this Bali paradise, I open my sliding glass door to find the scattered remains of whatever insects were killed the night before, as well as clumps of poo from the frogs and geckos that invariably attacked them. And it’s all being quickly consumed by tiny ants.

There are little piles here and there on the porch, and I like to take care of them first. The dry parts need to be swept, and the gooey ones somehow washed away.

Mop on the PorchAn excellent method for this I learned from observing my hosts: you take a plastic coke bottle filled with some fragrant floor cleaner, poke small holes in the top and then sprinkle it on the floor, followed by a swish of the mop and – presto – poop gone off the side of the porch and into the garden, leaving the tiles now reflecting the morning light!

Well, while I was sweeping this morning, I was thinking about life, as anyone would, and there was an interesting parallel to what I am undergoing with my Reiki healing experience.

You see, the floor inside my room appears shiny and clean when I awaken, pull my drapes and head outside, and I don’t think I need to sweep in there. So I work on the outside, get it all spiffed up and then go back into my room with eyes sharpened from the process of concertedly identifying bugs and poop and eradicating them. Then, all of a sudden, I now see blobs of insect parts accumulated in different spots in my room that went unnoticed earlier. I was so focused on the outside area and getting it spotlessly clean first thing that I completely missed the gecko digestive remains in my own room.

Clearly, this is a reflection of my life, as I seek to clean up all that appears outside and around me.  And, in doing so, my senses become more attuned to identifying the longstanding struggles within.

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