Dr. Gina Photo

Dr. Gina is an avid reader, writer, traveler and deeply committed spiritual seeker.

A practicing pediatrician, she has a special love for children and animals. She truly enjoys her volunteer work helping children internationally, as well as with animals living in sanctuaries and on the street.

She has made a devout spiritual commitment to renounce a life of material gain, to embrace a monastic lifestyle, and to follow her inner guidance for the highest and best good of all. That has opened her life into new directions and interesting travels, from which many of these blog posts have come into being.

She very strongly believes that all living beings share the same creator and, therefore, we are all one. Love is the force that brings unification, and anything working against that is not truly spiritual in nature. She believes in personal transparency and working on the inner self, instead of building and feeding the exterior life.

She is committed to the edification and preservation of all forms of life, and that all should be treated with compassion, kindness, and love.