A Minute of Your Time

Sometimes I imagine a world where everyone takes just a moment to help a little, like watering that wilted plant in the office or petting the dog wagging its tail.

Many people are becoming outraged at the problems in the world, but there are the little things right under our noses that very often go without attention, when we could give just a moment of our time. The need is always there. The tiny spider in the sink, must we wash it down?

Dog Waiting on a Leash

Almost all animals are afraid of us. Ever wonder why? We have brought such havoc upon the natural world, we could easily be seen as evil in their eyes.

And then women, afraid to walk alone at night, and with good reason. What kind of world have we created?

If you think about a typical day, it is a wonder the myriad opportunities that arise just to lend a hand. Yet how many do we let pass by unheeded? The thought of the many unheard cries of others, animals and humans, does make me feel sad and want to take action. But sometimes it is very difficult to do so, for many reasons.

Hospital Helping Hand

I will never forget the time when I turned my back. I was working in the hospital and was needed in the ER for a consult. As I hurried around the corner, something caught my eye — a lady laying on a gurney in the hall, her tiny outstretched hand hoping for some recognition. Perhaps she mouthed some words in a silent request. But I pretended not to see her and continued through the hall in my rush. Someone else will take care of her, I reasoned, I could not help anyway, she needs her nurse.

I have ALWAYS regretted that moment some twenty years ago, and it haunts me to this day. Over and over I silently ask her forgiveness. As my recompense, I vow to help when it is needed and contribute to the world as it cries out for just a minute of my time.

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