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This site is dedicated to spirituality in all forms.

All that has been created, all that is here and that we know is spirituality. The life force that pervades all things can be felt and understood. Our human form has been created to take in sense impressions, not just for survival but also to enhance our being.

Spiritual Light in TreeWe communicate with the world around us by our movement, our reactions, our thoughts, and intentions. The intention inside us can be sensed by others, even if unspoken. And we can feel and respond to communication by all forms of life if we but listen with our whole being.

This optimization of our capacity to know and understand the world around us, to communicate and live in harmony with other beings and life forms is love, and

Join me, here, as I seek to be more open to the world around me, to awaken and develop the spiritual nature that was in me even before my birth and that I have forgotten, to live in compassion and love with all of life.

I am aware that I have a long way to go, but I feel that sharing the process in this way is what I was meant to do. I invite you to join as I learn from deep within my spirit to follow my path. Perhaps in some way, it may help you to remember yours.

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Dr. Gina is an avid reader, writer, traveler and deeply committed spiritual seeker.

A practicing pediatrician, she has a special love for children and animals. She truly enjoys her volunteer work helping children internationally, as well as with animals living in sanctuaries and on the street.

She has made a devout spiritual commitment to renounce a life of material gain, to embrace a monastic lifestyle, and to follow her inner guidance for the highest and best good of all. That has opened her life into new directions and interesting travels, from which many of these blog posts have come into being.

She very strongly believes that all living beings share the same creator and, therefore, we are all one. Love is the force that brings unification, and anything working against that is not truly spiritual in nature. She believes in personal transparency and working on the inner self, instead of building and feeding the exterior life.

She is committed to the edification and preservation of all forms of life, and that all should be treated with compassion, kindness, and love.